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Oven fresh ILP

 This page contains the unedited report from the TCSer went to the ILP.

Right now, I have reports from:
  • Ahemdabad ILP
  • Coimbatore ILP
  • Trivandrum ILP
  • Bhubaneswar ILP
  • Hyderabad ILP
I am waiting for more updates on ILP. If, you have some then help others by sharing the link in comments.

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=============================Oven Fresh from ILP =============================

Ahemdabad ILP

Oven fresh article from one of the friend , one of the TCSers, Ahemdabad ILP.

This is my first post from ahemdabad, during my ILP period. today we completed two days in TCS. so now i can proudly say that i too am a TCSer!

we reached here on 25th october. the infocity is located in gandhinagar, and is about a 45 minute drive from ahemdabad railway station. this post now contains two parts: information about infocity, and information about my experience in TCS ILP.

there are various kinds of buildings here, including residential, commercial offices and shops. residential buildings are of studio apartments, flats and bungalows. commercial offices are located in various towers. some of the towers are still under construction. TCS has its office in IT tower 1 and IT tower 3. IT tower 3 is also called as “Nal Sarovar”. i formerly thought that this is some landmark like powai lake, but its just a name of a building. The park is quite big, and its maintained in a very nice way. more information on the infocity can be found at its own

we have got accommodation in studio apartments. normally, one apartment is occupied by 4 people. now, there four people are never from the same college. TCS allots random rooms to the people in order to make them communicate with new people and co-ordinate with them. rooms are nicely maintained and are cleaned everyday. i was lucky enough to get accommodation with my college friend shawn, which we both thought as something impossible. the room number is 102 in studio apartments block 5. other two room partners are from manipal university. they joined ILP a month before us, and will complete their training on 19th of november.

there is one canteen contractor who provides food both at IT tower canteen and at studio apartments. quality of food is nice, and i am lucky enough to get jain food too. laundry facility is available with manageable rates.

first thing: tie is compulsary. they said previously that tie is optional, but its not. there are strict security policies here. we are not allowed to carry any media inside ILP centre which includes mobile phones, pen drives, CDs and other electronic media. they have five levels of confidentiality, out of which only first level can be made public (which is there on all the ILP related presentations had confidentiality level 2 which is tcs-internal. this information can only be shared with people inside TCS. so there is hardly anything that i can share here.

we all had various presentations explaining various processes inside TCS. it also explained various portals that we would be using as employee of TCS. then there was information about importance of security rules, copyright rules and punctuality etc. all the sessions were very informative, but sadly only few of them were interesting. rest all were either not very exciting or had obvious information conveyed.

all the batches had size of around 250. hence they were divided in groups, but we are batch of 48 only, so we wont be having more than one group.

TCS has affiliation with HDFC bank, so we are offered customized accounts for our salary and reimbursement accounts. they also offer nice gold debit card and demat card options. almost everything is free of cost, with accounts being zero balance accounts. but the activation takes 7 days. we filled out forms today, so by next tuesday, we should get our accounts activated and ready to use.

its colder here than mumbai, but bearable. the temperature will go down in coming weeks, so then it would be slightly tougher to manage. most people didnt anticipate this and have no warm clothes with them. only i and nikhil loya are having proper warm clothes with us. lets see how it turns out!

ILP is far from Ahmedabad railway station....around 50min journey...U'll have to catch a bus from Kalupur(Ahm railway station) to GH-0(nearer to TCS hostel)..buses are available opposite side of the Ahm railway station.. and if u can't find the bus of G'nagar from Railway station then go to the Bus Station (Gita Mandir). It's just 3 KM away from Railway Station and catch the bus of G'nagar.

=============================Oven Fresh from ILP =============================

Coimbatore ILP

Oven fresh article from Bharat Bang, one of the TCSers, Coimbatore ILP.

hi friends 
be nice while reading cz m writing nething such as this for first time.
I joined TCS coimbatore on 12 jun for ILP...after a long wait from 19 august till date..though it feels inferior before we join the company that is while waiting for joining date and location..but there is nothing to get worried about the JL..every one has to wait atleast 3 months for should understand that this conglomerate(as they call),is set to hire record high candidates and to train it needs a wait and PATIENCE ofcourse....
well will say that the flowers finally blossom...

1st day----introduction of HR,Document verification()need not to tell about wats needed cz already a lot has been discussed on this topic..still to add they give relief of 2-3 days if u hv missed some documents....but remember the location of ur joining might not get the attestation facility easily...and need to pay for it bring atleast 2-3 copies of every document with u....

2nd day----nothing to worry about the tests,as they say if can't pass the test they will put u in normal ILP rather than fast track that too doesn't seem a problem cz if one can wait for joining 4-5 months than u can definitely invest ur a month on corporate training...on the same day u will be having HDFC bank people to get u ur saving and current bank account, the acc. where u wl be getting ur salary and reimbursement amounts...apart from these HR will show a tata movie as they call..the success stories...quite good for getting inspired...

test is scheduled on 17 jan the 3rd day of joining i.e. after induction 4 topics dbms,java,software engg,web tech....40 marks test no -ve marking n bla bla bla...the people who clear the test will be in fast track ilp of 50 days.....

well this all at this juncture...avoid any mistakes u find...i am not a professional writer...

=============================Oven Fresh from ILP =============================

Trivandrum ILP 

Oven fresh article from Somil Aggarwal, one of the TCSers, Trivandrum ILP.

1.Aspire test is only to decide ur training duration, no relation with ur performance

2.Everything is very expensive laundry(15 per cloth-tvm,17-chennai)

arrange all d things.(electric irons & heaters r not allowed)

3.Will get 1st salary after 45 days(249XX-tvm for 45 days,same for all loc. except chennai & kolkata),(32XXX for chennai-45 days)

4. Performance in ILP has no relation wtih your joining,projects & future growth(TCS NEVER THROWN OUT ANYONE IN THEIR HISTORY DURING ILP,NO DISCUSSION PLZ CONFIRM NEWS)

5.(For tvm) Accomodation will be prvided in executive hostels or hotels.It can be either 1-2 kms frm technopark or up to 18 kms,depends on ur fate which you'll get.Bus facility will be provided by d tcs.They'll change if you request & room partners can be changed on request.

6.Every saturday is off(acc. to previous pattern-off on alternate SAT)

7.people belongs to banglore r asked not to fill Delhi as 1st preference.

8.Will not provide any food,you have to arrange ur own.Tea/Coffee will be provided during breaks.You'll get it in d dhabas or restaurants at nominal rates.

9.Will get ur permanent employee id after a week.Till then ur dt no. works as d same.

10.They'll never told your any test score(during ilp,aspire i don't know),neither in d ilp nor in future.


ilp duration for those who can clear aspire test-43 days(excluding holydays) i.e direct stream based training
regular ilp-72 days(including holydays) i.e 2months 12 days only
there are only 2 tests in whole ilp(no ec's now)
in 1st 6 weeks only 1 test....
will teach u whole java before stream based training
will get joining location before stream based training commence i.e during midway of training...
90% of girls will get their prefered location..

=============================Oven Fresh from ILP =============================

Bhubaneswar ILP

Oven fresh article from Deboprio Mukherjee, one of the TCSers, Trivandrum ILP.

We stepped into the premises.The securities asked us to form a queue.It was the time for baggage check.
First time in my life I felt the improper purpose of my backpack,because previously my bag was used for smuggling full,half and quarter bottles into our private hostel.The landlord was mystified to see why everyone used the same backpack for shopping.

Almost all the boys were generating a negative bag-scan report.The desk beside the kiosk turned into a ciggerate shop within few seconds.However the main surprise was yet to come.BEEP!!!! the scanner showed some unknown shadow in the silhouette.It was a puncher/jaw-breaker.It was discovered from one of our guy's backpack.Now that wasn't a shocking thing for our students,because of the frequent brawls in our college.All guys were quite accustomed with that thing.But securities were sent to Earth to stop brawls,so a new brawl was about to take place.We were no longer in college.

"Self - Protection " the effective phrase,some convincing train robbery story of Bihar-trains saved the guy from the catastrophe.We forced him to throw that thing away forever.Later the boy said that he had never boarded a train to Bihar.He thanked the robbers who unknowingly saved his job.

We entered the main building.I had never been to any corporate office before.I was feeling excited.We were escorted to a conference room.The LED display outside the conference room was showing the booked status.But the chocolate and caramel were inside the cadbury five star. We had the first bite.It was the best room I had ever seen in my life.The room was like the secret agency conference room of James Bond movie.Lights were with sensors,touchpad switchboard,there was gadgets everywhere.Only the sexy ladies of the James Bond movies were missing.

The induction meeting was about to begin.I decided to visit the toilet.A common problem with me.
All abstract things like grief,joy,tension,excitement comes out of human body in the physical form of liquid .Like grief takes the form of tears,here suppressed tension took the form of another liquid that led me to the toilet.

Auto-flush!!! is the greatest advancement of technology.There were sensors everywhere.But the greatest sensor is in the human mind.It alarmed me that "If you commit a single mistake here you will be flushed out of this heaven".My mind voted my old college bathroom.There were no auto-flush,the flushing porcelin boxes of each latrine were converted into secret chambers where we used to keep our cheats and micro-xeroxes during our semester exams,and the backside of each latrine door were the index of chapters.The toilets were converted into books while semesters.Now that was engineering excellence.

I came back.The conference was about to start,but the room looked entirely different.There were some unknown faces in the room and luckily they dint belong to our boys community.My scanner generated a quick review report.

The door opened,and somebody switched the mute button on.

=============================Oven Fresh from ILP =============================

Hyderabad ILP

Oven fresh article , one of the TCSers, Hyderabad ILP.

 It was about an year ago that we were in Hyderabad pursuing our Initial Learning Programme (ILP). I had heard a lot about TCS ILP earlier. Some said it was very tough, some said they learnt a lot, etc etc. We also tried to find out from seniors about the training by mails, scraps etc.
Our joining in TCS was 28th August, 2006. There were lot of formalities to be done for which I had to go home from Bangalore (where I was for the past 2 months after college ;)) Joining date was a reliever as some people had said that joining dates in TCS were very late. After completing the formalities I set off for my first job to never-been-before Hyderabad. Amresh, my college yaar, was with me with similar hopes and ambitions!!!

Even on the train we met a surd who was going to Hyderabad for his job joining at Hyderabad. We curiously asked him about ILP. He said he did not have much problem although he was a mechanical guy. He mentioned some percentage which he scored in the test. We then exchanged a no-reason-why smile.

Reaching HyderabadWe reached Secunderabad Railway station. Lot of luggage. Discussions with porter. Arguments with Autowalla. Finally we agreed to hire an auto after the senior we met finalized a deal for us. We reached the hotel in which our boarding was arranged. But unluckily we had to part as amresh had to go to the other hotel in which his boarding was arranged. We tried to convince the authorities there for staying together but in vain. I was alloted a room and obviously a roomie. The room appeared quite okay with a TV and no AC. My roomie was from Bhagalpur and soon we found out that we had a common friend. The common friend told him that I was a very good roommate. I knew my roommate was going to be disappointed but I couldn't help :) So the first thing I did was to hunt for the mobile connection with the cheapest STD calling rate and I had it by the end of the day, a Hutch Connection. I also took a top up for Rs 110 which was the first of the infinite recharges that I made in Hyderabad. I took pride in flashing my new mobile handset Nokia 3250 which I got as my b'day gift from my father 10 days back at home. I had planned all my experiments with Bluetooth as I had my lappy also with me. This was the first time I was having a higher end mobile. So I made sure I don't leave anything untried before I leave the place.

The First DaySo the big day was there. We were informed the previous day that the buses will leave at 7. So we got up early at around 5:30. There was so much of noise in the corridor. People hunting for ties, belts, documents etc. Some confused faces asking what all things we can take there. I think I appeared the coolest and the quitest of the lot. I left my room just in time, after completing the morning round of phone talk, only to find a big crowd standing in front of the hotel waiting for the bus. I immediately found out some familiar faces from college. I went and tried to be with them rather than being alone. Everybody looked fresh and new eager to find out what will happen in the day. The buses took us to an undefined location called CMC, the place where our training was supposed to take place. We had our paid breakfast.(I had thought that food will be free for us :( ) I hunted for few more closer friends and ofcourse Amresh.

We then went to CMC classrooms. The classroom number was very different from the ones we had in college. We met the lady over there who was the head of ILP programme and an HR employee of TCS. She had a peculiar smile "all the time". Her smile was so misleading. You would always assume her to be in your side but she was NOT most of the time. She was Indu Nair, the name which was going to be very familiar specially during allocation and reallocation. The document submission part was the most boring one (till then). After which we were transported to some auditorium in Hyderabad University to witness several TCS and TATA documentries. We saw it with interest for the first and the only time. After that we demanded movies when we wanted to sleep with lights off. There were several speeches made by people from TCS. I was impressed at the non-advertising nature of TCS then. Things are quite different now :) Then there were so many essential activities like batch formation, CR election etc conducted by one and only Indu Nair. I was in Batch H-15 with Gunjan and Pandey, the people in my branch from college. Gunjan was a friend and I knew Pandey. At the end of ILP guys in our batch were not ready to believe when I told them that I had never talked to Pandey before ILP. We also had our first and only good lunch at ILP Hyderabad. The food provided here was pure South Indian with some dishes being heard for the first time like the breakfast item "Pesarattu".
We ended the day with some more non-descript items and finally it was time to head back to the hotel. I did not have close friends in my hotel. So I preferred to spend most of my time on phone.

Daily Routine at ILP
The daily routine at ILP was not much different from the first day. We had to get up at 6 and assembled in front of the hotel. Missing the bus was a headache coz CMC was a bit far and the autowaalas charged a bit high. The bus was a luxurious one with FM playing all the time in Telugu. Some sentences by RJs had become familiar though we understood little. Bus journey was too formal because of presence of girls. Everybody acted as to be the most decent one on this earth. Things changed a bit by the end. I usually did not talk except a few welcome greetings to the people I know. Breakfast items were a nightmare. As a result there was a big crowd at Juice corner. Juicewala was overgenerous to the girls. One day I would have hit back at the Juicewala there but I controlled myself. Pandey detested South Indian food so much that he ate very little. He was fond of juice. Then we went to classrooms after my first round of phone conversation.

Classes were usually boring and we generally slept except that of Shradha's. She was our Life Skills faculty. She was very popular coz of her looks and nature. Guys used to be awake with wide open eyes in her class ;) We loved the discussions between Begu and her. Begu was from our college and I knew his name from before. He was a genius. There was nothing in this world that this guy didn't know about. He was very famous for his slow speech. By the way his real name was Ankit Abhishek. Then we had Abhay Sood from our college who was the CR. I don't know how I did not see this guy at college. He was amazing at his activeness and convincing skills. We could not have had a better CR. I generally used to be with Gunjan and Pandey with Begu and Abhay sitting behind/beside us. Gunjan was the AC operator of our batch :) We all got chilled by the overeffective AC but he was the one who always took pain and brought AC remote from somewhere to raise the temperature up. Gunjan and I used to listen to what the teachers said and Pandey fully relied on us both for notes and waking him up if the teacher notices him sleeping. Sometimes Gunjan took the full responsibility of both me and Pandey :D All thanks to Gunjan.

Among the girls in our batch I knew Arpita beforehand as I had met her somewhere in college, I did not remember where... either Java Class or IMS Class or French class. We talked few more times after that in ILP I being very busy with either class or calls :)We are very good friends now in Chennai. We were together in the same Project for 6-7 months. She is very nice as a friend having core Friend and Family values. She has a heart of GOLD. Her caring for others is simply awesome. I came to know a lot of things about ILP from her after the days were over. She told me about my reputation there that I talk too less. Guys... I talk a lot after the ice is broken :) She also told me about her and I was really startled after knowing about the only couple of our batch post ILP. All the best to them!!! And yeah she finally got where we met. It was neither Java, IMS, or French class. It was at the Personality Development Workshop, conducted by Raj Rodrigues of our college, that we were in the same batch :) This was yet another example of her sharp memory about nondescript things :)
To be Continued.


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  2. Hiii friends, this is Nithin Krishna. I am 2014 passed out. As usual, I expected my call letter sometime between october and november.But to my

    surprise, I got my call letter in May. I made all the required documents ready.I joined ILP in Trivandrum on 16th June. I got the stream Mainframes.
    We were the first batch having Virtual ILP which is not instructor-led and we have to study on our own in a virtual platform online with lecture

    notes,exams,evaluation entirely in the system.My first encounter with Mainframes was real hard as I felt it pretty difficult. You need to be really patient

    with the mainframes.I suggest you guys to get the mainframe material available in HUDA Maitrivanam,Ameerpet if u know anyone in hyderabad. It was

    real gud with every program available, I came to know about this later.I hope rest of the streams are a easier.We had a total 60 working days with 30

    days for learing theory and rest for project.Other than training, we had a such a great time in Trivandrum exploring various places. I tell you guys Kerala

    is a paradise of greenery, churches, beaches, backwaters and beautiful women. I tell u guys to explore as much as u cud as you may never get to

    explore for such a long time [3 months]. Be careful regarding documents and certificates as they are very strict regarding this.

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