Monday, 30 March 2015

Tour @SavanDurga_Bangalore Trek

26th Mar, Asusual  Friday… Everyone on the top of the clouds as weekend nearing, have their own plans with their family,friends etc….One of my Colleague(Bharath) started IM group chat regarding tour plan…few gave suggestions and finally its SavanDurga (Trekking), place 60kms from Bangalore city. It’s a one gaint monolithic rock- one of the biggest single rocked mountain in Asia.So most of the girls dropped and as it is just the Guys, plans rolled in to start by 4am the next day and Majestic(Bangalore central) as the meeting point for all of us by 5.30am. After making this plan of waking of early on weekend few more guys dropped and finally 7(BTians)+1(NonBTian) of us are in. Created the WhatsApp group and discussed what are necessary requirements (Shoes with Grip- mandatory, Surplus water need to be carried) during Trekking.
27th Mar, Saturday…. No matter how properly we planned in advance and how determined we are, It’s the sleep and that too weekend gathering all together delayed us by 30mins.Reached Majestic by 6am. 3 out of 8 knew the local language which made our trip bit more comfortable.

 Taking Bus pass saved our budget, made flexible to climb different busses. By 8.30am we reached small Village 

where we are down to fuel ourselves had breakfast and to parcel for lunch

 set back on auto to the Destination by 9.40am we reach the basement of the mountain.
Some guy offered himself to be Guide for us to climb in the right path else we might loose our way which in that climate is Dangerous. Hence we agree after a long Bargain, All our backpacks are equally heavy and our mission started @9.45am. Climbing for short intervals and halting in between for even shorter time, everyone opened up their photography skills out there clicking at their max talents. Passed through small tunnel of shadows which the Guide proudly said to himself as Cave. Going on and on the climbing became steeper and steeper, then everyone one us helped each other climbing where we united together as team to climb. Guide who was also climbing along with us carrying a bag of refreshments which is his business to get them at MRP and selling them triple the price on the top of the rock. As the time went on and on the temperature went on increasing and finally by the time we reached our limit where none can move further  we observe the avalanching point of the rock which brought smile on our faces. Needle stuck sharp 12pm by the time we reached our destination. Everyone felt as if they conquered something of course it was one of the achievements for us.
Everyone took rest and completed their photo sessions, selfies etc 

and we started our way back by 1pm. Climbing up is difficult and climbing down is dangerous. In the red hot Sun the surface of the rock was boiling like anything, by that time we were already in scarcity of water. Like the Hansel & Gretel roaming in the path we were walking without the Guide testing our own memory. 

Finally within 50mins (1.50pm) we reached the basement starving like anything. Everyone recharged with the refreshments in the shops there pricing at almost the double the price, but no option for us to take them as granted. Completed our lunch under some shade near by and started our way back.

By 5pm reached Majestic and everyone of us departed with lots of memories.

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