Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Truth vs Lie

This post is inspired by a very interesting status message that a dear friend updated on Facebook. It read "Truth and lie might be poles apart but they have one thing in common. They both prove a person's worth."
And well it made me think about the politicians who have lied about their black money, made unfulfilled promises, assured lower strata of the society of a better life and etc etc... It made me think of my mobile service provider's promise of connecting me to my family and friends, which it failed to fulfill a thousand times. It made me think of a thousand other companies who had broken my trust and yet done nothing about it. Surprisingly in all these cases I changed my vote, telephone number or the company. I just went to a more trustworthy person (I rest my case with politicians). The switch took place since a head existed for the tail. And when it did not, like politicians for instance I had to stick to the tail. The reason these heads exists is because there are tails. The trust we get from the trustworthy company acts as a solace to the inconvenience caused by the unfulfilled promise (lie). You can't have heads without tails or truth without lie. An honest person's worth is still determined by a liar. So if there are many liars in the business, politics or your Eco-system, an honest person would be worth much more. The honest firm or person can act out of benevolence and can get many fans or in some cases command a premium too.
Truth is again a subjective matter. Is it the truth to self, firm (where you are working) or peers. Being true to self automatically puts you in the right circle of friends and also lands you the right kind of job. Further more , truth to self results in you sharing the same vision as your organization and you slowly climbing up the corporate ladder. The reason we have great companies who keep up the promises is due to the simple fact that they are run by people who are honest to self. Although money can't buy happiness, these firms typically have greater market share and loyal consumers. That means more moolah and better quality of life.

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