Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some Facts for freshrs ILP

Once you are assigned to join a particular Initial Learning Programme (ILP), we shall not be in a position to entertain any requests for change of either the Training location or the dates.

TCSL will not be responsible for the travel arrangements to the Training Centre. Also, the travel expenses will NOT be reimbursed by TCSL.

You will be provided accommodation during your training period.Please note that you will NOT be paid House Rent Allowance (HRA) for your training period.

You have to carry the Originals of all the documents at the Training Centre

Food is available at subsidized rates and expenses towards the same have to be borne by you (the trainees).

TCS ensures that you are intimated of the ILP Joining date at least 20 days in advance

The ILP center mentioned in your Joining Letter is non-negotiable and The ILP dates cannot be rescheduled

The duration of the ILP is nine weeks.

Trainees are given time off after the ILP training and there is a relocation gap of maximum 4 days.

The trainees have to take care of their own travel arrangements. The Second A/C train fare from the ILP Training centre to the respective base branch shall be reimbursed by TCS .

Original as well as the attested documents should be carried to the ILP Centre.The documents can be attested by anyone of the following authorities:

1) Manager of a nationalized bank where the candidate holds an account

2) District Collector of the district in which the candidate resides

3) Gazetted Officers

4) Tehsildar of the village

You can bring Course Completion Certificate issued by the Head or Director in case you do not have the Provisional Certificate. However, this is a temporary arrangement and the Provisional Certificate should be submitted before the completion of the ILP.

You will need to use a Rs. 100 stamp paper ( 100*1 or 50*2 or 20*5) for Service Agreement. The stamp paper has to be purchased in the name of the trainee.

The duration of the Service Agreement is of two years. The agreement has to be signed by only one surety. A Surety can either be an individual who is an Income Tax payee/ possesses landed property.

In case the surety is an Income tax payee, then the Original or attested photocopy of LATEST Form 16else Form 2 D/ IT Returns

If You are not able to arrange a Surety then Submit a Fixed Deposit 'Assigned to Tata Consultancy Services Ltd' in the trainee's name, for an amount of Rs. 50,000/- deposited in any of the nationalized banks.

A birth certificate is a mandatory document. Incase of non availability of the same, trainees are requested to apply for it. As a temporary arrangement trainees may produce anaffidavit on a Rs. 20/-

Stamp paper containing their name, place and date of birth in English . The trainee will have to translate the certificate in English and make an affidavit of the English document.

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